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Do you have a unique or complex legal issue? Most law firms offer cookie-cutter services that do not meet a client’s individualized needs. Rosenberg & Fayne, LLP offers creative and specialized solutions that will help you overcome any unusual, atypical, or overwhelming legal challenge that you may encounter. Our many combined years of experience make us prepared and well-equipped to handle every type of legal situation.


Rosenberg & Fayne lawyers are not at all intimidated by the courtroom. Our lawyers are available to co-counsel cases, to assist out-of-state lawyers and, if need be, to take over a case as lead counsel at trial. Do not be overwhelmed or intimidated if your legal issue advances into the courtroom. Our attorneys are always prepared to face judges, juries and aggressive opposing counsel. Do not let your case collapse because of an inexperienced and intimidated lawyer’s poor performance in the courtroom. Let the practiced and skilled attorneys of Rosenberg & Fayne ensure that your interests are zealously represented before the bench.


High net-worth individuals often face unique challenges when confronted by legal predicaments. Rosenberg & Fayne has represented countless high net-worth individuals, numerous high-ranking state and federal government officials, judges and other clients that require care and discretion when handling their affairs. Our attorneys are equipped to protect your wealth and reputation while addressing your unique legal needs.


Starting a business can be an overwhelming experience. Navigating through the laws and regulations that affect your new business only complicates and prolongs the ordeal. Let our attorney’s be your guide through the bureaucratic and regulatory labyrinth. We will help you anticipate and prevent legal issues and hurdles, provide prompt solutions when you encounter them, and help your business flourish, while providing you with security and peace of mind.


Regardless of how complex and overwhelming your legal issue might seem, a dedicated attorney of Rosenberg & Fayne, LLP can help you find the most practical solution. Give us a call and see if we can help you today!

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