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No matter what type of legal issue or predicament you might be facing, when you hire a law firm, you want to be certain that the attorneys you have chosen possess the necessary skills and experience to satisfactorily resolve your particular issue and to get the job done correctly. Further, you want to be assured that your attorneys are committed to aggressively fight on your behalf. At Rosenberg & Fayne, we are resolutely dedicated to giving our clients the best opportunity of achieving a positive result from whatever legal circumstances they are confronted with. For more than 20 years, we have had immeasurable success helping and serving our clients in and out of the courtroom, principally handling civil litigation matters and criminal defense work. Our lawyers are committed to excellence and work tirelessly to represent and defend the unique interests of each and every one of our clients. From the moment we review and consider your case, we evaluate its appeal to jurors in your particular jurisdiction. And, based upon our expertise and many years of experience, we know how to properly value cases and accurately assess your risk, while at the same time counseling and guiding you towards the rewards of litigation. If proceeding to trial is the pathway to achieving the most favorable outcome for you, our experienced litigation attorneys will not hesitate to battle your opponent in court and bring your case before a judge or jury.

Skilled Trial Attorneys

Innovative and advanced trial skills are of the utmost importance at our firm. Our attorneys are determined, tenacious and thorough advocates who take great pride in their work and in serving our clients, while obtaining the highly favorable results that our clients rightfully deserve. To be sure, we obtain these favorable results by vehemently litigating your case and not by simply allowing insurance companies and large corporate Defendants to dictate the terms and condition of any outcome or resolution for you. . We strategically and diligently build up your case and we, not the insurance company or the large corporate Defendant, determine what the best course of action is to arrive at a resolution that benefits you most. For over two decades, our lawyers have spent countless hours in State and Federal courts in Maryland and the District of Columbia, where we have employed our effective and battle-tested litigation process and strategies to supply our clients with success. In addition, we have mastered the use of the most juror-interactive and cutting-edge courtroom technology available and we incorporate this technology into each and every case we take to trial. No environment or courtroom technology exists that we are unfamiliar with or unprepared for. In short, through hard work, determination, a commitment to professionalism, we pursue justice and achieve excellence in the representation of all of our clients and their unique and varying interests.

Client Service

At Rosenberg & Fayne, we work directly with you throughout the many stages and processes of your case. We handle every case, from high-value civil cases and highly publicized criminal trials to small claims actions and criminal appeals, with exactly the same dedication to personal service and attention. We fully recognize that individually serving the needs and goals of every client to the best of our ability is the basis for all of our success and the satisfaction of our clients. In our representation, we enthusiastically seek an active partnership with you. Experience has taught us that the most desirable results are obtained when our clients are engaged with us and their own cases. No doubt, our clients are our most valuable resource and our firm works tirelessly to ensure that your experience is as comfortable and transparent as possible and that we treat each client with the respect and dignity that they deserve. Finally, we doggedly and entirely protect the privacy of our clients, many of whom are of high net worth and notable public figures, as we realize that many of the legal matters brought to us are delicate and may be considerably impactful – positively or negatively – on one’s life, family and livelihood. We will protect your interests and help you find the strategy that works best for you. We have handled an extensive and diversified portfolio of cases including:

Personal Injury and Automobile Accidents
Complex multi-party civil litigation
Catastrophic construction accidents
Traffic and DWI cases
High-profile murder cases
White collar Federal crimes
Federal drug conspiracy cases
At its core, Rosenberg & Fayne is what honesty and integrity demands in legal representation. Please contact us for a free consultation and careful review of your case. We help those in need. Call 301-864-2900 or contact us online to discuss your legal needs.

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